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Everyone keeps screaming GO TO COLLEGE, but for what and why? Explore your passions through summer enrichment opportunities. There are tons available and lots are free! Here's your chance to truly discover what you care about: from business to science to sports.

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Student Experiences

“The summer programs were amazing!!!! June's writing program at Rhodes College helped me discover an unknown talent for fiction writing that I didn't know I possessed. I made an amazing group of friends who I still keep in contact with today! I definitely felt the "college experience."
"Growing up, I never would've thought I could have gone to college, let alone a top one. But connecting to opportunities like Emerge and spending a week at a college made me realize I could do it. And now I'm at Williams. Who'da thought?"
"Having the opportunity to work with some of the professors and getting to spend time on the Rice campus really means a lot to me. I wouldn't even have known about the program, let alone get a chance to participate in it if it weren't for all your help, so thank you so much."
"Nothing could ever surmount to the experience I had. Being totally immersed into a different culture other than mine for a full month was way cool! I give my greatest appreciation to One Jump. The amount of support One Jump has given me has been out of this world!”

Meet The Team

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Karthik Soora

Rice University
The Iron Yard Academy
Yale School of Management

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Bryan Dimas

The Iron Yard Academy

Neeraj Salhotra

Rice University
Harvard Law School

Juanita Parra

Georgetown University

Shiroy Aspandiar

University of Oregon
Harvard Graduate School of Education

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